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A word of encouragement

Life’s appearances take us away.

Feelings, Good and Bad, they take us away.

Rest, you do not need to be ready, you are already.


Tiredness, irritation, sadness, depression, anxiety, regret, shame,

Peace, love, relaxation, kindness, energy, ease, happiness, joy.

All these names for one soup.

Felt so deeply, yet all come and go.

Known by you, they take place within you.

You are aware of them.

All feelings are expressions of consciousness, let them be

The pain will pass and the ever-shining heart is realised

Nowhere to go, life and the universe happens in a single place

The source of this universe is placeless and feelingless.


This is our essential self.

Personality is a play,

Be still, remain as you are.

See you 🙂

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