Behind My Mask Thoughts - Safe Space Movement


Behind My Mask Thoughts

Mark PA Pic 062021


Oh my god, my head is pounding,

A reminder from the dark surrounding,

My music’s plugged in deafening loud,

So I can’t hear this god damn crowd.


Pushin and shovin’ 2 metre apart spaces,

Eyes like daggers behind masked faces,

Beats now pulsing and flowing through my veins,

Second mask on now hiding all my life’s pain.


Lips shut mouth sealed my mind thoughts kinda horrid,

Watchin’ all the people’s faces panic about the Covid,

Do this do that you’ll jump when you are told,

Just like when I was a kid forced into this mould.


Off to the gym with a mask on train till muscles feel like lead,

Stop the voices deep inside screamin’ to get out this head,

Bangin’ tunes I’m now switched on I feel my head once more,

How amazing is that peace inside when I knock on that gym front door… xx

Mark Pasty Astley

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