Covid 2nd Wave Madness - Safe Space Movement


Covid 2nd Wave Madness

Mark PA Pic 062021

My bike is the best my bike is my friend,
Gets me out of the house a different country road round the bend.

You can’t go to the gym said the man in the suit,
The things I say to him like “shut up be a mute”.

I do what I want pal shut my gym here’s my bike,
I can sprint down the mountains or up ‘em if I like.

You can’t cage me with Covid as I look over my shoulder,
I’m bigger, rougher, tougher said Dominator and bolder.

The same tunes in my headphones bangin’ like always,
Reminiscing on the good things like parties n rave days.

Keep my legs peddling, today I won’t stop,
Until I get to that river and have to dry off a lot.

Heart starts to pound that beat will explode,
The best thing for my head is cycling off-road.

Mark Pasty Astley

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