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My Year – Mark Pasty Astley

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If the world is so bad, you’re looking in the wrong places.

Since this pandemic began in our country, I have learnt so many life-changing things and seen many sides to others that have not only raised my eyebrows but things that have also shocked and upset me. Things I thought would never happen and things spoken to me I wouldn’t have dreamt of hearing. I’m bigger than that though and I don’t hate anyone nor anything in life, I just know how to turn my back now and pity the actions of some whilst trying to understand why.

But most of all throughout this mess that’s been thrown upon us this year I have gotten to know some of the most amazing caring people I have ever known in my life whilst keeping all the others that care close to me and by my side. This year I have helped others, I have told once liked people exactly how it is and how I would not stand and be treated the way they were treating me, I have shown all my strengths and weaknesses wearing my heart on my sleeve… some have loved me for this and some I have had to turn away from.

I have laughed but I have cried more, but that isn’t bad because I have stood up and been counted for my good. I am also being helped not just by the loved ones who have helped me always but by the new people in my life I’ve reached out to. Not just for help but for guidance and advice. I have written down emotions I thought I had buried and forgotten, and I have spoken about things I thought I could always hide… this is just the beginning of what I’m about to do. I’m Mark Pasty Astley and I’m gonna learn how to dodge the bullets before the trigger is pulled.

Mark Pasty Astley

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