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This Is My Eye

Mark PA Pic 062021

It was made for me by an incredibly talented man at the maxillofacial unit at Kingsmill Hospital in Mansfield 15 years ago – at the end of this year. He also tattoos breast nipples for patients who have had breast cancer and the removal of their breasts.

This eye shield was made for me when I lost my eye because I was gutted at what I had done to myself on that cold November afternoon. I couldn’t look at myself or have photos taken anymore!!!

This ain’t a sympathy post. It’s a post to make people believe no matter how shit your life can be and no matter what obstacles are put in your way, you can remain focused with good around you. I can only see in 2D, but I believe I am the best at everything I do. I look out for others no matter what my problems and issues are! As much as I hurt inside, I never burden with hostility towards others. I always try to listen and help whenever I can!

I say what I do, and I listen to others, sometimes I feel I just want it to disappear, but I cannot hide when I look at this in the mirror every day!! Anger got the better of me that day when I lanced a screwdriver through my left eye, but with help from my wife family and close friends and good people around me. I carry on although sometimes I just want to sleep forever.

Behind some smiles is a story so listening to people and asking if they are okay is very important. Remember, we all have problems but someone else does too, so, help each other. That is important to xx


Mark Pasty Astley

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