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When The Autumn Leaves Fall

Mel Gamble

See the winds blowing around the trees,

Seeing the last of the autumn leaves falling gently at my feet,

Seeing the autumn frosts settle in the morning’s light,

It glitters so brightly all around the sunshine,

Way up high in the deep blue sky!

As we’re sitting down by the Riverside banks,

The mist gently rises all around our heads,

Yet I have never felt so much more at peace,

I love this feeling of the cold and frosty air that seems to be all around me.

The spring-time flowers are hiding away,

Just like the big black Bear going into hibernation for the winter.

But he will soon be out again when Mother Nature tells him so!!!

And so, all the birds have flown away……

Gone South so they say!?!?

So, as I walk down the long winding lane,

I love the feeling of the crunching autumn leaves underneath my feet,

And that feeling of Little Jack Frost nipping at my rosy red nose!

So, I will tell you all now, that to me the autumn months are the most beautiful and colourful time of year,

And you know I can’t wait to see till Mother Nature calls again, this time next season 😊💖

Written by M.M.Gamble (Gunn)

Date first written 1/12/2003

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