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Working For The NHS During A Pandemic

Suzi Davis

April 2020

Lockdown has been announced,

Most are told to stay home,

I venture out to work alone.


My ID badge around my neck ready,

Staff car park is empty,

Careful not to touch the metal barriers or stairway bannisters.


Greeted by evening security,

Empty corridors are eerie,

Wipe down everything in sight,

Process the paperwork and lock up for the night.


Daily trust updates show us the inpatient numbers are rising,

My colleagues are re-deployed,

Their calmness inspiring.


My hero work friends on the front line,

“I’ve dealt with death, but not on this scale”,

“We have to decide who we bring in, who lives and who dies”,

One day I park up and I let myself cry.


Our service resumes to emergencies only,

All bodies in blue and face masks mandatory,

Media overloading the public with fear,

Patients too scared to attend which could jeopardise their care.


Tiredness, sore throat, a cough,

I drive to the rainbow tent to get swabbed,

Told to self-isolate until I hear,

A sleepless night later I’m told I’m clear.


The road is painted with a thank you sign,

And everyone’s out weekly, clapping in a line,

Fireworks being set off,

And I feel a sense of pride.


My family, friends and the constant stream of music online,

Have kept me strong through this mental time,

The live DJ sets from all of my idols,

Have kept us all positive and made us unite.


One thing this pandemic has made me see,

The wonderful kindness that people can bring,

I hope one day soon we can all join as one,

And dance to celebrate making it through the Covid shit storm.

by Suzi Davis

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