Just Another Blogger - The Reveal! - 02/06/2021 - Safe Space Movement

Just Another Blogger

Just Another Blogger – The Reveal! – 02/06/2021

J Haywood Reveal

Right then, the time has come.

“For what, Just Another Blogger?” you cry. 

Well, I’m not an anonymous voice here anymore; events have come to a head and an idea that’s been knocking around the recesses in my memory palace of a mind has finally found its way to the main gate. 

I’ve been working on some projects away from Safe Space. 

These have been direct consequences of the interactions that I’ve had with so many people over the years, but especially from the last eight months since I started my writing here on the site, and from the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy course I’ve been doing, hosted by the Personality Disorder Service and the charity Mind. 

My name’s Justin Haywood. 

I’m 40, was born on the Isle of Wight and over the last month you may have seen me as Renaissanceislandjud on quite a few social media platforms recently. 

I’m not going to tell you my full story here, because I’ve already done that on my other platforms, but if you go to my Renaissanceislandjud page at Vocal.media you’ll be able, for free, to catch up on the transformations and opportunities that have exploded recently in my life as well as see the awesome Veteran community in action on my Facebook and Instagram Renaissanceislandjud pages. 

I’m going to be continuing to write and volunteer for Safe Space here as well, but now that I’ve dropped the anonymity, it means that I can tell you all about the new missions that myself and my friends are trying to do.

Between us all, we’re reaching hundreds of thousands of people, and we haven’t even begun to peak yet, so you’re all going to be invited along on the ride with us and maybe you’ll realise that the narrow vision of the masses, isn’t our ethos, that you’re not alone here and you’re welcome to come join in.

This is going to be a short post because I literally have so many plates spinning right now. I need another week or so to get some admin done, and then, then we’re going to start really talking about some exciting things.

Just Another Blogger 

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